Due to new regulations under Circular 230 regarding the transmission of tax return information via electronic email, it is necessary for us utilize data encryption software when sending files to our clients.  The new regulations, for your safety, require that any transmitted files be password protected and encrypted to prevent anyone but the client from being able to view the files. The regulation also requires that I give you a password under a separate email. This regulation includes copies of tax returns, Form 8879 for electronic filing purposes and any other tax information.

Data encryption is the process of scrambling stored or transmitted information so that it is unintelligible until it is unscrambled by the intended recipient. Historically, data encryption has been used primarily to protect diplomatic and military secrets from foreign governments. It is now being used by the financial industry to protect money transfers, by merchants to protect credit-card information in electronic commerce, and by corporations to secure sensitive communications of proprietary information.

We have chosen to use Secure Zip by PKWARE as our data encryption software. The program not only encrypts files but will also compress files into smaller zip files for quicker sending and more efficient data storage. For your convenience, we are making available the following link that can be used to obtain a free download of ZIP Reader from PKWARE. A copy of this software will be required on your PC in order to open the password protected zip files that we send you.   Clicking on the link will take you to the PKWARE website where you will need to supply an email address.  PKWARE will then email you a link to click on to download the free software.

ZIP Reader

Since this is a federal regulation, it only regulates federal filings.  However, in the interest of protecting your privacy, we will be using this process for all filings effective immediately. I will send you a pre-assigned password for you to use in this process.  Please download and install this free decryption software.


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